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Which plait/braid should I choose?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Not all braids are three-strand plaits! So how do you know which braid is best for your bridal style?

​The number of strands is just one important factor. How tightly and smoothly you style it will have a big impact. And where is it placed, also comes into it!

​For example, the braid below is loose and soft - ideal for a bride who wants to look ethereal or free-spirited. ​

Hair by Creative Director Katy

But if you just tighten and smooth it, the braid ends up looking sleek and structured. Suddenly the exact same style is perfect for a bride who wants a more modern or alternative look!

How about this weaved braid accent with twine for a rustic barn style wedding? Teamed with a modern ponytail - this gives both a rustic and modern feel, perfect for someone who feels like they suit a touch of both!

Hair by Creative Director Laura

Our how about this Uber cool french-double-chinese-latter-braid (which is a bit of a mouthful ;0) ) incorporated into a half up style?

Hair by Principal Stylist Rosie

​The options are endless so don't think you have to have exactly what you see in a specific picture, you can take inspiration from several images and mash them together to create something that is unique to you! But the key thing is to know roughly what effect you want so your stylist can advise which approach to styling that braid might suit it best.


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