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Is modern vintage more your thing?

Pictured: Work by Principal Stylist Helen W

Anyone else getting Bridgerton vibes from this stunning updo??

Like the Marie Antoinette film or Outlander series, ​Bridgerton's styling was never intended to be historically accurate.

​Instead, the designers went for a historically INSPIRED look. It was designed to transport viewers to a fantasy world that just looks something like Regency London.

And it's absolutely possible to do the same for your wedding. (At least within your bridal party!) You may have even begun the process!

Does your dress have Edwardian style puffy bishop sleeves​?

Have you gone for a Juliet cap veil straight out of the 1920s?

​Are you considering a bridal cape that's really more of a medieval cloak?

Pictured: Work by Senior Stylist Frances

Fashion is cyclical. What's in fashion now has been in fashion before - sometimes hundreds of years earlier!

​So your hair and makeup can often be what pushes it one way or the other.

​For example, to enhance that period effect you could:

​- ​Pair those bishop sleeves with a soft voluminous updo and red lips

​- Wear that Juliet cap with finger waves and a smoky eye

​- Accessorise your hairstyle with ribbons, pearl pins, or a circlet that will show even when your bridal cape's hood is up

Pictured: Work by Principal Stylist Rose

​Or choose current hairstyles and makeup trends to make those historical elements look like they've come off a catwalk!


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