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What kind of hairstyles go best with statement earrings?

If you've got an oversized pair of earrings you want to show off, here are some options to consider:


​Sleek chignon, modern ponytail, half-up style, simple hair up... Any style that keeps all the hair off your face will leave no loose strands to compete for attention.

Photo credit: Melissa Megan | Work pictured: Creative Director Katy


​Hollywood waves are perfect for this. From one side, gorgeous waves. From the other, a showstopper earring. Two looks in one!


Ideal if you want loose hair at the front. ​Style that hair to artfully flow around the earring, creating a subtle frame that stays (more or less) in place.

Photo credit: Sophie and Luna | Work pictured: Principal Stylist Rosie

​As you can see, there are lots of options! The only real limitation is that your hairstyle has to be safe.

​That is, styled so it's unlikely to get caught in those beautiful earrings. ​Nobody wants to interrupt their own wedding to untangle jewellery from their hair!!

​But there are many, many ways to make sure of that. And your bridal stylist will know all of them.


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