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What to expect from your hair and makeup team on your wedding day

Not sure what to expect from having a professional hair and makeup team on your wedding morning? We can help!

Photo Credit: The Bridal Stylists | Pictured: Elite Stylist Kate


Your stylist may want to create a running order and/or schedule for the morning, especially if more people in your wedding party will get hair and makeup done. Check with your photographer and transport about their time expectations then relay this to your hair and makeup artist so that they can work backwards to arrange the appropriate start time and schedule for the morning.

Suspect your wedding party might struggle to stick to a schedule? Bring one of your more organised bridesmaids into the loop. Let them crack the whip with your wedding party while you relax with mimosas!

Some stylists like to prepare by knowing roughly what your ladies would like to have in advance so have your ladies send you some ideas to forward to your stylist ahead of the day. Also check with your stylist how you are best to prepare yourselves for the day. Some styles require clean, dry hair/day old hair where as others would be washed and wet. Most likely its a good idea to have your ladies bring along their favourite lippy too so that they have this to hand for touchups later in the day.

Finally, have an idea of where you would like your stylist(s) to set up when they arrive. Usually they need a large table or counter top, in good light, near some plugs and with a chair or two (a dining room is usually a great choice). Have this area cleared ready for their arrival as to not delay your start time.

Above photo credit: Studio Rough | Pictured: Creative Director Katy


​​Your stylist will arrive at the agreed time and set up their amazing array of products and appliances. Then they will follow the running order to get everyone ready.

Pro tip: The bride should never be last in the running order - second to last is ideal. That way, you're getting dressed while the last person's hair and makeup is being done.

​Then, once you're otherwise completely ready, your stylist will finish up their work with finishing touches like your veil.

Pictured: Creative Director Laura's makeup kit


​If everything goes to time, there should be around an hour or so spare after the last hair/makeup is complete, before everyone has to leave or start group photos.

​This gives everyone time to get dressed, take photos, and manage any last minute emergencies. (​And if things don't go to time, you'll be very grateful for that hour!!). Trust us, this time at the end is 100% necessary - we don't want to get up any earlier than we have to either! The last hour is a haze of activity and never has a bride said she wished she had finished later ;0)

Still have questions about your hair and makeup on your wedding morning? Just comment below or drop us an email:


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