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Which Hair & Makeup Items Should I Keep With Me On The Wedding Day?

What should be in your wedding day-of kit? 💄⁠

Your wedding hair and makeup has been applied by a professional specifically to last the full length of your reception. Even without touch-ups, you'll look put together until the end of the night.⁠

That said, there are a couple of makeup items we recommend you keep within reach on your wedding day:⁠

1. Your lipstick 💋⁠

Eating, drinking, kissing your new spouse... A typical wedding reception will wear down even the hardiest of lipsticks. You'll probably want a quick touch-up before dancing, cake-cutting, or other milestone moments.⁠

2. A translucent powder 💃🏿⁠

If you're prone to oiliness on the dancefloor, a light application off translucent powder should mattify you enough for your photos. Just don't overdo it - it takes less powder than you think to make your skin gets cakey!⁠

Other than that though, just ask yourself: how do you normally handle your makeup on a night out? Bring half your kit with you and touch up regularly? Or forget about your face and lose yourself in the music?⁠

If it's going to bother you not to even have the option to touch up, designate someone to keep your hair and makeup items with them. As many as you need to feel comfortable. Then, if you want to touch up, it's easy to do! And if you get lost in the music, no harm done. ⁠

But whatever you do, there's one cast-iron rule: don't try anything new on your wedding day!

If you want to do touch-ups, get a shopping list from your stylist of the products they've used on you. Ask them to teach you how to do an effective touch-up. Practise in the hours after your trial, and make sure you're happy with the results.⁠

Alternatively you can book your stylist to stay with your throughout the wedding day to be on hand for any touchups you require.

Are you looking for a stylist to help you come up with the perfect look for your wedding? We'd love to hear from you!

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