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Pre-Wedding Skincare In 3 Steps!

Want to get your skin in tip top condition ready for your wedding day!

We know that makeup applied to dry flaky and tired skin looks like makeup.

If you apply makeup to fresh renewed skin it goes on really well and blends onto your skin looking really natural.

We have done our research and have 3 fabulous products to recommend to get your skin glowing in time for your special day.

1. C L E A N S E

Get your skin into great shape by using 'Cleanse and Polish' by Liz Earle morning and night.

This hot cloth cleanser also gently exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling super soft and smooth. It also smells amazing and takes the chore out of taking your makeup off!

2. E X F O L I A TE

Once a week try by 'Radiance Reveal Peel' by Marks and Spencer Beauty - it gently removes a layer of dead skin to reveal glowing smooth skin. A unique product that really works even on sensitive skin, we are hooked!

3. M O I S T U R I S E

Here at The Bridal Stylists we are OBSESSED with all things Charlotte Tilbury, especially her wonderful smelling and award winning 'Magic Cream'.

It makes your skin feel luxuriously hydrated and smooth. A pre-wedding must have!

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