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A top tip for your pre-wedding hair and makeup trial!

At your wedding hair and makeup trial, we recommend you wear a top with a similar cut and colour to your wedding outfit. This is ideal because:

​1. The colours of your makeup will show as they will on your wedding day

​Colour is light, and light reflects! A black top will make your foundation look different than a bright red top. Wearing a similar colour to your wedding outfit at your trial gives your stylist a clearer idea of which shades to apply.

​2. You can see and feel how your hairstyle will sit on the day

Will your loose hair feel uncomfortable on your back in your off-the-shoulder dress? Does the voluminous style you've fallen in love with look like too much with a high neck? Wearing a top the same cut as your wedding outfit will make it clear whether this is the right style for you.

​3. Your trial photos will be as useful to you as possible

Wearing a top of a similar cut and colour means that you'll get an accurate idea of how you'll look on your wedding day every time you look at your trial photos. This saves you the stress of worrying about whether you look jaundiced (no, you just wore a yellow shirt) or whether or not to add a necklace to your look.

And if you're prone to anxiety or self-consciousness, you'll have photographic evidence ​of how amazing you're going to look on your wedding day!

​Do you have any other questions about your trial? Just drop us a DM or tap the link in our bio to get in touch through our website!


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