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We have categorised our stylists into 7 style guides. 
Find the perfect stylist to suit your style

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MODERN“I want to look like…” a fashionista.

Style inspiration: Ellie Goulding, Olivia Palermo, Solange Knowles

Keyword: Stylish

When else can you justify dressing like an A-lister on a red carpet?The modern look is all about balancing subtle enhancement and statement features. Your statement features might be accessories, smoky eyes, a bold lip, or of course your dress. Everything else is softened into a beautiful backdrop, allowing the statement to stand out. It’s the perfect option if you want to stand out while still looking bridal.Our stylists stay on the cutting edge of bridal trends, and can craft the fashion-forward look of your vision. If modern could be the style you want, contact us now!

CLASSIC“I want to look like…” a princess.
Style inspiration: Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie
Keyword: Timeless
If your wedding inspo includes literal princesses (real world or Disney), this may be the look for you!
A classic bridal look is elegant, sophisticated, and refined. The hair is structured, but soft. Make-up is natural, but elevated. A classic look can be simple or elaborate, but must emphasise your natural beauty without distracting from the overall effect of your outfit. When you hear “bridal”, this is what comes to mind.
Our stylists have the skill to make even the most ornate updo seem effortless.

If classic could be the style you want, contact us now!


NATURAL“I want to look like…” myself.

Style inspiration: Keira Knightley, Millie Mackintosh, Kristen Bell

Keyword: Low-key

If you’ve seriously considered going without make-up at your wedding, this is the look for you.Cameras tend to wash out facial colour and definition. This is why wedding photographers recommend brides wear make-up: to look as healthy and energised in your pictures as you do in real life. Professional stylists can make sure you look like yourself - no more, no less. You’ll look fresh, feel confident, and cherish those wedding photos forever.We only work with stylists who listen to brides and ensure they’re comfortable every step of the way.

If this could be the style you want, contact us now!

GLAM“I want to look like…” a VIP.

Style inspiration: Billie Faiers, Kimberley Walsh, Kim Kardashian

Keyword: Heightened

For many brides, a wedding is the ultimate party - and glam brides want to look ready for the ultimate night out!For some people, glam means old Hollywood glamour. For others, it means Instagram influencer. In every version of glam, your features are stronger and more defined than usual. How strong is up to you! This look can be soft, and it can be powerful. It can’t be totally natural though - and glam brides love that.Many of our stylists have a background in film, TV, and magazines, so you know you’re getting the full celebrity treatment.

If this could be the style you want, contact us now! 


ALTERNATIVE“I want to look like…” nobody else.

Style inspiration: Kat Von D, Kaley Cuoco, Gwen Stefani

Keyword: Unique

As an alternative bride, you want stylists to work outside trends and traditions to create a look that’s full of personality.Maybe you want them to style your rainbow hair to suit your classic white veil. Perhaps you’re excited to look more offbeat or avant-garde, even if your everyday look is more conventional. Whatever makes you alternative, your dream stylist will focus on your vision for your day and go as minimal or as creative as you want.Our stylists have plenty of experience with non-conformist beauty, and love to work with unconventional looks. If alternative could be the style you want, contact us now!

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 16.00.25.png

VINTAGE“I want to look like…” a Hollywood starlet.

Style inspiration: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly

Keyword: DistinctiveIf a vintage look is what you want, you’ve probably known that from the moment you got engaged.Finger waves, victory rolls, a bouffant updo - no matter when it’s from, a vintage look stands out. The 1950s are the most popular era for vintage weddings, and both tea-length dresses and pin-up make-up continue to be popular. However, dress designers are taking inspiration from all eras, and so are we. Flappers, femme fatales, flower children, just choose your influence and we’ll come up with the perfect look.Our stylists are experienced in creating both authentic vintage and vintage-influenced styles.

If vintage could be the style you want, contact us now!

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